My name is Alex and I’m a photographer, adventurer, and storyteller based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus on aerial, travel, and human-interest projects.

Other claims to fame (that word being used loosely here) include a brief stint as a professional gift wrapper, my purely decorative fluency in mirror-writing, and being the person in front of you at the DMV with no fingerprints.

What I do

I explore the intersection of people, culture, and the environment — primarily through photography, but also through writing, video, and design. Presently I’m in the process of developing a personal body of work focused on questions of belonging and identity.

I believe in photography’s power to invite a real, deep look into the stories we tell ourselves. For me, the practice is a tug of war between looking inwards and outwards: a discipline that is both emotional and intellectual.

Whether it is a miles-long trek up an active volcano, a portrait session in Santa Barbara, or hanging out of a single-engine airplane on a clear day, I approach getting the shot in the same way. I’m constantly looking to convey emotion, a sense of possibility, and a hint of the larger story. There’s magic hidden in the wash of the everyday, and I love the challenge of preserving the fleeting feelings of a moment in a 2-dimensional space.

How I got here

I started my career in neuropsychiatry as a part of several amazing teams researching PTSD and schizophrenia. But something about my work didn’t quite feel right. And, it wasn’t the fires, patient assaults, or even the unplanned paving project that trapped me in a psychiatric hospital basement for hours.

In the summer of 2017, I walked away from a PhD, sprinted in the opposite direction of the not-so-long-ago asbestos ceilings of academia, and dove headfirst into my first entrepreneurial venture; decisions that would ultimately catapult me into the world of technology startups, economic justice work, and the nonprofit world.

Together with my day-to-day role directing the operations of a financial technology NGO, photography bridges my passion for art, science, and mission-driven work.

More than anything, I’m committed to leaving the world better than I inherited it. There are many humanitarian and conservation causes that deeply touch me and I’m always eager to collaborate on awareness projects.

Despite the adventure-seeking side of my personality, I’m an introvert at heart. When I’m not out with my camera you’ll probably find me cuddled on the couch listening to a podcast, deep cleaning my house, and putting mustard on everything.

Thanks for stopping by!

  • A collection of my photographs and projects can be found on my gallery
  • I like to share stories of my adventures, work, and other things that interest me — check out more on my musings page
  • Each day I take a one-second video, which I later compile into a yearly montage. You can see snippets from the last four years, as well as a select group of my illustrations, on my other projects page
  • Interested in connecting or have a project in the works? Let’s discuss! My contact page has information on where I am and how to reach me