Hi, I’m Alex.

I’m a dreamer and a builder. Driven by advocacy and storytelling. The person in front of you at the DMV with no fingerprints. If we meet, you’ll probably think I’m an extrovert. Growing up, my mom always told me that life is not fair. She also taught me that acceptance is a precondition for change.

I’m passionate about global issues, especially those pertaining to the environment, economic justice, social equity, and public health.

a woman smiles from the back of a cessna
Photo by Michael Estigoy @LensUpThere

What I do.

I’ve had an eclectic career. From studying philosophy to human subjects research, business to art and aerial imaging. It’s been a wild ride and one I wouldn’t change for anything.

Together with my day-to-day role leading the operations of a financial technology nonprofit, photography bridges my passion for art, science, and mission-driven work.

What this is.

This is my corner of the internet that I use as the opportunity to showcase my photography and pass along things that interest me. To live more deeply and presently, I abstain from most social media. Outside of this website you can find me on LinkedIn or follow me nowhere.

More than anything, I’m committed to leaving the world better than I inherited it. Humanitarian and conservation causes deeply matter to me and I’m always eager to collaborate on awareness projects.

Thanks for stopping by!

  • A collection of my photographs and projects can be found on my Photography page.
  • I like to share stories of my adventures, work, and other things that interest me — check out more of my writing on my Blog.
  • Each day I take a one-second video, which I later compile into a yearly montage. You can see snippets from the last seven years, as well as a select group of my illustrations, on my Other Projects page.
  • Interested in connecting or have a project in the works? Let’s discuss. My Contact page has information on where I am and how to reach me.
a woman kneels on a rocky beach while pointing a camera at the photographer
Photo by Michael Estigoy @LensUpThere