I write about my photography, work, travels and occasional deep dives exploring the intersections between the natural world, human systems, and the ideas shaping my understanding of both. Rather than a traditional diary, I also keep a quotes journal, featuring quotes, poems, and passages from what I’m reading.

Zoom in on some of the things that interest me.

Science & Technology An interior view of a modern city library

In Defense of Books: A Case for Depth in an Age of Impatience

There are few tools as foundational to our identity, relationships, and understanding of the world and our place within it as those we use for communication and self-expression. Oration to the written word, the printing press to moving pictures, television to the internet: each technology shapes our self-understanding. But in today’s frenetic competition for eyeballs, clicks, and time, focused attention is a muscle under accelerated atrophy. Plugged in access and flitting among bits of online information are increasingly non-negotiable for work, education, and finding housing (or even love).

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My Year in Books: 2023

I have a sensitivity for any ritualized ending that begs retrospection and renewal. Together with major milestone birthdays, there are few better moments than the end of the year. Looking back through the books I read is the lens I find to be the most useful for reflecting on what I’ve learned, the struggles I’ve weathered, and the emotions I experienced. The following is a rather jumbled accounting of the stories I consumed: part review, part list, part personal reflection. As there is no obligation to read this linearly (or even in its entirety) I’ve organized these by topic. The sequencing or length may not make sense, but I do this for me more than anyone else.

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