São Paulo From Above

The following is a series of aerial photographs taken from my solo trip to Brazil’s financial capital. Photos were captured from a helicopter using my handheld Canon Mark IV DSLR and a 24-70mm Tamron f/2.8 lens. The aim of the flight was to capture the sheer expanse of the largest city in the Western and Southern Hemispheres.

A grid view of book covers

My Year in Books: 2022

Every year I set a target number of books to read. Although I try to frame it more as an intention, the act of goal-setting does inevitably spark a sense of competition, if only against myself. For the first time, I wound up listening to more audiobooks than turning actual physical pages. (Digital e-readers still remain a no-go.) For me, the modality does depend on the genre.

Year in Video: Age 31

Category: 1 Second Everyday Date: October 2021-2022 I recorded one second of video every day for the last 365 days. From my 30th birthday to the next. This marked my sixth year, meaning that I now have a 36 and a half minute video montage of my life going back to when I was 26.…

a gods-eye view of trees in snow

Southern Idaho in Photos

It was a spur of the moment, decade-old friendship, reunion at what I determined to be the state midpoint between California and Oregon. After an ice rescue in the Sawtooth Mountains, accidental submersion in the Boise Greenbelt, four traffic stops and three speeding tickets later, I turned to my friend and asked ‘So, what do we think of Idaho?’

A grid view of book covers

My Year in Books: 2021

After a nonfiction-heavy past year, my main goal included incorporating more fiction and fantasy into my reading rotation. It wasn’t difficult. Fantasy was my first and favorite genre. At ten years old, I was so obsessed with the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy that I taught myself the Númenórean script to replicate one of Galadriel’s farewell gifts to the Fellowship for show and tell day at school. My classmates were not impressed.