Travel & Adventure a car zooms past in a long exposure on a highway

A Road Trip in Photos through Appalachia

I haven’t always been a solo traveler. The idea was first enacted by a friend, who deferred college to work and pay for a solo backpacking trip across Europe and the Middle East. We have similar interests and perspectives. As children we were more comfortable with books than with people and spent school delinquencies visiting museums instead of at furtive school yard hangouts.

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Travel & Adventure the historic elizabeth cape main head light at sunset

The Historic Head Light in Portland, Maine

Along the rocky bluffs in the 90-acre Fort Williams Park sits one of the most recognizable lighthouses in the USA: the historic Portland Head Light. The iconic Cape Elizabeth lighthouse is nestled just south of Portland, Maine, which also boasts the new light of my life: a “palace of poutine” must Maine eatery, Duckfat. 

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