joshua trees covered in snow in the mojave desert


A gnarled ancient tree without leaves grows in front of a glassy mountain lake

An Ancient Foxtail Pine at Mirror Lake, Southern Sierras

An alaskan mountain is silhouetted at sunset

Low Tide in Tutl’uh

A female condor takes off from a cliffside in the grand canyon

Condor #J1, Flock AZUT

Joshua trees in the mojave desert covered in snow with a perfectly white background

Blizzard, Mojave Desert

Dead trees are mummified in a hot spring in yellowstone

Dead Trees and Travertine, Mammoth Terraces

Three elk walk in a silhouetted line over a hilltop ridge

On the Road, Lava Creek Canyon, Wyoming

Rainforest trees bloom alongside a waterfall with misty skies

Morning Mist, Mucugê Bahia

Plants grow in a diagonal line up a white sand dune

Ephedra With Stormclouds, Tularosa Basin

Patterns form along the side of an ancient volcanic crater

Geomorphological Rills in the Ubehebe Crater

The grand tetons covered in snow cast reflections over a curving lake

Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons

A female gray wolf looks off to the distance with sunlight illuminating one eye

Gray Wolf in Shadow, Eastern Alaska

Flower petals rest on mossy colored rocks surrounding a tropical waterfall

Petals, Cachoeira da Fumaça

Two people toboggan down white sand dunes on an overcast day

Play in the Gypsum Dunefields

A mythological-like cloud caused from a massive wildfire forms above a mountain range

Pyrocumulonimbus From the McKinney Wildfire

Three Joshus trees growing in a row at sunset

Three Sisters, Joshua Tree

Patterns and colors of sedimentation in death valley rock

Sedimentation Along the Tin Mountain Fault

A female deer stands alone in front of a field of gold-colored tall grass

The Lookout, Glass Beach, Mendocino

A wide angle shot of the grand canyon's red mesa's covered in snow

The South Rim in Snow, Grand Canyon

A close-up of female elk looking in opposite directions

Startled Wapiti, North American Elk

Hikers walk across a flat desert playa surrounded by black-colored hills

Hikers Return, the Grandstand, Racetrack Playa

The sun illuminates the flat face of half dome in yosemite

Sunset on Half Dome, Yosemite

Dust storms form above a desiccate californian lake

Alkali Dust Storm in the Basin and Range Province

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