joshua trees covered in snow in the mojave desert


migrating flamingos crowd over a reflective seasonal lake

Migratory Flamingos, Lake Burungi

A gnarled ancient tree without leaves grows in front of a glassy mountain lake

An Ancient Foxtail Pine at Mirror Lake, Southern Sierras

three hyenas rest after successfully scavenging a gazelle carcass

The Matriarchy, Female Hyenas with Thomson’s Gazelle

An alaskan mountain is silhouetted at sunset

Low Tide in Tutl’uh

A female condor takes off from a cliffside in the grand canyon

Condor #J1, Flock AZUT

Joshua trees in the mojave desert covered in snow with a perfectly white background

Blizzard, Mojave Desert

A female gray wolf looks off to the distance with sunlight illuminating one eye

Gray Wolf in Shadow, Eastern Alaska

Dead trees are mummified in a hot spring in yellowstone

Dead Trees and Travertine, Mammoth Terraces

Three elk walk in a silhouetted line over a hilltop ridge

On the Road, Lava Creek Canyon, Wyoming

Rainforest trees bloom alongside a waterfall with misty skies

Morning Mist, Mucugê Bahia

Plants grow in a diagonal line up a white sand dune

Ephedra With Stormclouds, Tularosa Basin

two vultures gently touch beaks over a hyena carcass

Vultures with Hyena Carcass

Patterns form along the side of an ancient volcanic crater

Geomorphological Rills in the Ubehebe Crater

a male lion face and mane is barely visible while resting in tall grass

Solo Male Lion, Serengeti

The grand tetons covered in snow cast reflections over a curving lake

Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons

Flower petals rest on mossy colored rocks surrounding a tropical waterfall

Petals, Cachoeira da Fumaça

three elephants cross a green valley covered in trees and shrubs

African Elephants, Tarangire

a baby zebra with its mother stands in front of a wildebeest herd

Symbiosis, Zebra Foal with Mother and Blue Wildebeests

Two people toboggan down white sand dunes on an overcast day

Play in the Gypsum Dunefields

a lion looks directly at the camera with thousands of migrating wildebeest in the distance

Lioness, The Great Migration

A mythological-like cloud caused from a massive wildfire forms above a mountain range

‘Fire-Breathing Dragon’ Pyrocumulonimbus, the Creek Wildfire, Sierra Nevada

A cheetah crouches over a recent bloodied kill

Pregnant Cheetah with Thomson’s Gazelle Kill, Serengeti

a rainbow over an overcast sky and lake

Upinde Wa Mvua, Rainbow over an Alkaline Lake

a giraffe looks down at the camera against a blue sky

Male Masai Giraffe with Altocumulus

an isolated raincloud in a sandy desert and mountain backdrop

the Vuli, Tarangire National Park

A female deer stands alone in front of a field of gold-colored tall grass

The Lookout, Glass Beach, Mendocino

A wide angle shot of the grand canyon's red mesa's covered in snow

The South Rim in Snow, Grand Canyon

A close-up of female elk looking in opposite directions

Startled Wapiti, North American Elk

Hikers walk across a flat desert playa surrounded by black-colored hills

Hikers Return, the Grandstand, Racetrack Playa

The sun illuminates the flat face of half dome in yosemite

Sunset on Half Dome, Yosemite

Dust storms form above a desiccate californian lake

Alkali Dust Storm in the Basin and Range Province

a female lion stretches upon waking on an acacia tree branch at sunset

Lioness, Acacia Tree

a blue monkey strips the stalk off of a plant

Sykes’ Monkey, Arusha

waterfall terraces in the grand canyon

Terrace Falls, Havasupai

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