a colorful sunset shines through a building with an open circular center


A line of mules carry postal deliveries along the colorado river

Mule Train Delivery, Supai Post Office

Footprints over a bank of snow on an overcast day in appalachia

Tracks, West Virginia

Two hikers walk along a snowy edge precipice in the grand canyon

After the Storm, North Kaibob Trail

dunes in death valley at dusk with glimmering lights in the distance from a campsite

Convolutions and Colors, Death Valley

A futuristic-looking train station over the Thames is lit up in pastels matching the color of the water and sky

Blackfriars Railway Station Over the River Thames

A double exposure of a street scene in belgium at dawn

Dawn, Mont des Arts, Brussels

Colorful shipping containers are unloaded at the oakland port

Containerization, the Port of Oakland

wine bottles lie scattered over the floor in disarray from a wildfire in a napa valley wine cave

After the Glass Fire, Napa County

People sunbathe in matching pairs on the banks of the Rhine river in Basel Switzerland

Counterpoint, Unterer Rheinweg

A flock of birds forms a confetti-like cloud over a bay with a leaning transistor tower at dusk

Flocking Over an Urban Sea, San Francisco Bay

Looking up at an open sky portal from a circular-shaped building

Fenster Zum Himmel, Messe Basel

utility poles stretch over a snowy bank in idaho

Telegraph Poles, Obsidian, Idaho

Graffitti adorns old buildings in Sao Paulo's electronics gray market district

Gray Market Santa Ifigênia, Centro de São Paulo

birds form a halo above a church steeple

Glória, Esztergom Hungary

A long expsure of a beach at sunset creates an apparition like impression of a man

The Diver, Horseneck Beach

An overhead view of a bavarian castle along a lake at sunset

Hohenschwangau Village and Castle, Southwestern Bavaria

A long exposure leaves streaks of light from a ship passing beneath the erasmus bridge in rotterdam

Passing Ships and the Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam

An abandoned river walk on a London evening with a steel footbridge in the foreground and st paul's cathedral in the distance

Millenium Footbridge and St Paul’s Cathedral, Central London

cars are illuminated in a mercedes benz gallery at sunset in germany

Odeonsplatz Auto Gallery in Munich, Germany

A long exposure creates streaks of car lights curving towards the parliament building in budapest

House of the Nation on the River Danube, Budapest

A man in a suit sits slumped over at the operator control of a city gondola

The Shift, Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

A blurry figure walks past an illuminated image of a couple kissing beneath a bridge at night

The Kiss, Malá Strana, Czech Republic

The tallest building in switzerland watches over the construction of its replacement

Replacement, Roche Turm, Bau 1

The chicago skyline lit up in the dark

Waterfront at the Loop, Chicago

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