“What good is knowing unless it is coupled with caring? Science can give us knowing, but caring comes from some place else… While science could be a source of and a repository for knowledge, the scientific world view is all too often an enemy of ecological compassion. It is important in thinking about this lens to separate two ideas that are too often synonymous in the mind of the public: the practice of science and the scientific worldview that it feeds. Science is the process of revealing the world through rational inquiry. The practice of doing real science brings the questioner into an unparalleled intimacy with nature, fraught with wonder and creativity as we try to comprehend the mysteries of the more than human world…Contrasting with this is the scientific worldview…that uses science and technology to reinforce reductionist, materialist economic and political agendas. I maintain that the destructive lens… is not science itself but [this]… The illusion of dominance and control. The separation of knowledge from responsibility.”